The Staff Team

Keith Irving – Chief Executive

Keith Irving became Cycling Scotland Chief Executive in July 2014. He is responsible for leading Cycling Scotland, raising the profile of the organisation and delivering the Cycling Scotland vision to establish cycling as a mainstream, attractive and practical lifestyle option. Previously he led Living Streets Scotland for 6 years and has worked in transport planning and policy. He chairs the Cycling Action Plan Delivery Forum and serves on the Road Safety Operational Partnership Group.

Christopher Johnson – Senior Development Officer

Christopher Johnson manages all Development projects including Bikeability Scotland, Cycle Friendly Awards and Making Cycling Mainstream.

Nathan Kaczmarski – Senior Communications Officer

Nathan manages all of the Policy, Monitoring, PR, Events and Communications projects for Cycling Scotland, including the Give Everyone Cycle Space Campaign, Pedal for Scotland, Bike Week and the National Assessment.

Linda Peters – Senior Finance Officer

Linda is responsible for managing the organisation’s finances and is also Cycling Scotland’s company secretary.

Vicky Tibbitt – Communications Officer

Vicky works on for PR and Communications for Cycling Scotland, and is responsible for the delivery of the Give Everyone Cycle Space Campaign.

William Wright – Marketing and Development Officer

William is responsible for the marketing, promotion and sponsorship of Cycling Scotland’s projects, services and events, specifically Pedal for Scotland.

Mark Hughes – Policy Officer

Mark is responsible for  the National Assessment of Local Authority Cycling Policy,  the Cycling Scotland Conference, and the Making Cycling Mainstream programme. Mark is the key contact regarding the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS).

Position open – Schools Officer

Supports the coordination of Bikeability Scotland training nationwide, by working with key networks and delivery partners to ensure as many Scottish schoolchildren as possible receive multi-stage on-road cycle training in line with the national standard.

Gary Bell – Development Officer (currently on secondment with Paths for All)

Gary is currently on secondment with Paths for All as Smarter Choices Smarter Places Officer.

Caroline Hammond – Development Officer

Mark is responsible for the development and delivery of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award, Adult Cycle Training and and the Workplace Cycle Challenge project.

Paul Wright- Behaviour Change Manager

Paul manages the Education and Behaviour Change programmes, which include Bikeability Scotland, Cycle Friendly Awards, Making Cycling Mainstream and Early Years Cycle Training projects.

Luke Phillips- Monitoring and Development Officer

Luke is responsible for the management, maintenance, analysis and development of data relating to cycling in Scotland.

Nina Saunders –  Quality Assurance Officer

Nina manages the quality assurance programme for Cycling Scotland’s training courses and  provides support and training to Cycling Scotland’s tutor network.

Joanna Hendry – Office Administrator

Joanna looks after the facilities management of the Cycling Scotland office and assists with all of the organisation’s projects and initiatives.

Debbie Watson – Finance Assistant

Debbie is responsible for Cycling Scotland’s daily finances.

Transport Planning and Engineering

Peter Leslie- TP&E Senior Engineer

Peter Leslie manages TP&E (Transport Planning and Engineering), the social enterprise engineering consultancy whose profits go back to promoting cycling. TP&E have designed cycle routes and infrastructure projects for a wide range of Scottish local authorities.

Tom A’Hara – Engineer

Tom works alongside Peter Leslie to deliver sustainable transport engineering solutions with TP&E.

Karlene Doherty – Engineer

Karlene works alongside Peter Leslie to deliver sustainable transport engineering solutions with TP&E.

Campbell McCall – Assistant Engineer

Campbell works alongside Peter Leslie and Tom A’Hara to deliver sustainable transport engineering solutions with TP&E.