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    nextbike glasgowCycling Scotland Conference: Public bike hire inspiration from Dublin

GCCThe number of cycle journeys being made into and from Glasgow city centre has increased from 3,012 to 9,255 per day – a rise of 207% – since 2007

Charlie Flynn 1The new Legacy 2014 Active Travel Programme has today been announced alongside the launch of the first of the Commonwealth Games commemorative cycle stands.

 calmanc2Newly announced addition to the Cycling Scotland Conference 2014

Calmac Study Tour: Integrated Travel
Thursday 13 November, 11.30am to 5pm

ECSIf it’s been a while since you’ve been in the saddle or you’re more used to weekend cycles in the countryside that negotiating rush hour commuter traffic, Cycling Scotland’s new Essential Cycling Skills course may be just what you’re looking for .

departmentfortransportThe draft Cycling Delivery Plan was published by Department for Transport yesterday.

gfalkirkMembers of a local club for people with mental health issues used the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week to promote their latest project.

PowerPoint Presentation

?????Chief Executive of Cycling Scotland, Keith Irving, along with Nathan and Katie from the Pedal for Scotland team were invited along to the STV Appeal Big Live Show last night to present a cheque for the total amount raised  for the Appeal by Pedal for Scotland riders in 2014.

eccOfficials from the City of Edinburgh Council will address a national cycling conference later this year as other organisations look to follow Edinburgh’s lead in a pioneering cycle training scheme for lorry drivers designed to help them safely interact with those cycling on the roads.

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