Cycling Scotland comment: Draft Cycling Delivery Plan for England

Posted by Katie Wright / 17/10/2014

departmentfortransportThe draft Cycling Delivery Plan was published by Department for Transport yesterday.

The introduction states:

“This Cycling Delivery Plan is a 10 year plan for England. A real step change in cycling cannot be achieved overnight, it requires strong leadership and commitment and vital long-term planning for incremental changes to take place until cycling becomes the norm for everyone. Cycling and walking are devolved issues, and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all developed, or are in the process of developing, their own forward plans for walking and cycling. This document summarises government’s vision for cycling and walking and the role everyone – government, the wider public sector, stakeholders, business, and individuals – has to play in achieving this vision. ”

However, while this is being badged as a cycling (and walking) delivery plan for England, some of the actions will impact on people cycling in Scotland with regards to signage, traffic offences and potentially, bikeability on-road cycle training. The three most relevant actions are:

  • Complete the consultation and finalisation of the revised Traffic Signs and Regulations General Directions for 2015
  • Carry out a review of the current legislative framework for road traffic offences and penalties and make recommendations to ensure the law reflects current concerns whilst being consistent and proportionate
  • Promote safe and sustainable school travel, for example by supporting Bikeability, increasing awareness of cycle training for children and adults, making teachers aware of how to access cycle training resources, and utilising local road design to establish safe routes to and around schools

The Traffic Signs Review currently ongoing will apply to Scotland and presents an opportunity to give local authorities greater flexibility in signage they use, for example around cycle-friendly routes or 20mph limits. Equally, the road traffic offences framework applies in Scotland and the work with the Department for Transport and Ministry of Justice carried out by CTC and others should influence how offences such as careless or dangerous driving are treated in the future. Finally, Cycling Scotland works closely with The Association of Bikeability Schemes in England to pursue our goal of every child in Scotland having the opportunity to learn to ride safely and confidently on-road. The schemes constantly learn from each other so any action or potential change in funding in England will have an indirect impact for Scottish pupils too.

The draft consultation is open for 4 weeks with the consultation document and further details available from:


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