Cycling Scotland welcomes decision by ASA Council to reverse original adjudication

Posted by Katie Wright / 24/06/2014

Cycling ScotlandCycling Scotland has issued a statement in relation to the adjudication of the ASA Council.

See the ASA adjudication here

Ian Aitken, chief executive of Cycling Scotland:

“Cycling Scotland welcomes the decision by the ASA Council to reverse the original adjudication to uphold complaints relating to the ‘See Cyclist, Think Horse’ television advert.

“Following the original adjudication, we submitted a Request for an Independent Review.  This Request covered and addressed all elements of the adjudication, including both road positioning and helmet use.  Following this process, we are pleased to see that the ASA Council has taken into account our request – in addition to our original submission – and has now reversed the adjudication relating to both of these aspects.

“The advert shows drivers the correct amount of space to give when overtaking someone who is cycling.  People cycle for a variety of reasons, and, as such, drivers will encounter people cycling in a range of clothing styles, some with and some without a helmet.  So, regardless the reason why someone is cycling, or what they are wearing while doing so, drivers need to slow down and give as much space as they would a car when overtaking a person on a bike.

“The ASA adjudication has led to a constructive debate on the correct amount road space to give those who are cycling, as well as highlighting suitable road position for those traveling by bike. We are pleased that the final adjudication has confirmed the advert gives the correct guidance to people driving and cycling.

“Cycling Scotland would also like to thank the huge groundswell of support throughout the process, notably those who highlighted relevant information or research that could further support the aims of the messaging of the advert as well as partner organisations and groups who helped feed into our response including the Association of Bikeability Schemes, British Cycling, CTC, Cyclenation, London Cycling Campaign, Scottish Cycling, Sustrans and the Transport and Health Group.  In addition, we would like to thank the direct support from the co-conveners of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Cycling and the co-chairs of Westminster’s All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group.”



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