Legacy 2014 Cycle Parking For Workplaces, Universities And Colleges

Posted by Katie Wright / 19/09/2014


Following the First Minister’s announcement during Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Cycling Scotland, in partnership with Sustrans Scotland and Transport Scotland, will be providing a second round of Legacy Cycle Parking for Scottish workplaces, universities and colleges.

This follows on from the success of the first round of Legacy Cycle Parking that saw more than 80 racks awarded to 50 organisations across Scotland.

By providing cycle parking for organisations across Scotland through Legacy 2014, we aim to encourage and enable people to travel more actively to their place of work or study and to help their organisation promote active journeys and reduce local traffic congestion.

Each rack can accommodate 10 bikes.  Successful applicants will contribute just £100 towards the cost of the rack, delivery and installation (valued at £800).

How can I apply?

Read the full Legacy 2014 Cycle Parking Guidelines to find out who can and how to apply.

Once ready you can complete your application online here

Relevant Documents:

The deadline for submissions is Friday 17th October 2014

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