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A special additional cinema date has been announced for From The Inside Out, the stunning new mountain bike film from two of the hottest MTB film production teams.  It is due to be screened at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, in the heart of the Tweed Valley, on Monday 12 December 2011.

Sustrans says its projects more than double the percentage of pupils riding to school within a year

A city traffic survey coordinated by cycle campaign groups has shown that the number of people commuting to work by bike has increased throughout the city.

This year the Edinburgh Bike Station has again taken part in an annual cycle survey, counting the number of cyclists at key locations in Edinburgh during the morning commute (7.30-9.15am).

This Thursday 17 November is the Spokes Autumn public meeting on Cycling Policy and Networks in Edinburgh and Oxford

The aim of the workshop is to agree the most appropriate way forward to protect the position of existing tutors and to recognise the significant contribution that MBLA has made to date. 

Bike Sharing Scheme


A self-service, short-term, one-way-capable, bike rental offer in public spaces, for several target groups, with network characteristics.

Pedal boat


Commonwealth games medalist James MacCallum showed how to pedal for success as he took his exercise bike to Loch Lomond.

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MY fingers tighten round the handlebars and I take a deep breath. This is it, the chase is on. Suddenly we shoot out in hot pursuit, speeding through a red light, cutting across lanes of traffic and weaving in and out of bemused motorists.

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