People asked to Give Everyone Cycle Space in new Cycling Scotland campaign

Give Cycle SpaceCycling Scotland has launched its new road safety awareness campaign, Give Everyone Cycle Space.

The campaign, funded by Transport Scotland, asks people driving to give those on bikes, especially children and young people, enough space when overtaking – at least as much space as they would give a car.

The Give Everyone Cycle Space message will run across Scotland for four weeks and will be visible on television, buses, bus shelters, phone boxes and online to encourage drivers to slow down and give everyone their space on the road.

The national campaign is supported by a programme of school based activities across 14 local authorities and one Regional Transport Partnership area including led rides from primary to secondary schools and route planning workshops to encourage more children and young people to cycle to school and other destinations. The Clan stunt team will be on hand to help spread the message and highlight the joy of cycling.

Derek Mackay Minister for Transport and Islands said:

“Last year we invested record levels of almost £40 million on cycling projects. As I said recently, I am determined to increase this spend on cycling this year not just on infrastructure but also by actively promoting cycling as a positive transport option with health and environmental benefits for all.

“People on bikes have as much right to be on the road as other transport users and we should all respect that.  We need to be vigilant of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, young and old, and if we can share the roads in a manner which takes account of this then we will be creating a safer and healthier Scotland.

That is why I am delighted to support the launch of this new campaign for cycle space on the roads and would urge everyone to heed its messages. ”

Cycling Scotland Chief Executive, Keith Irving, added:

“Cycling is becoming an everyday activity for people in many places across Scotland but one of the key barriers to more people cycling is concern about traffic and road behaviour. Cycling Scotland’s Give Everyone Cycle Space campaign reminds people to drive and overtake safely around people riding bikes, especially children. Together with infrastructure, promotion and Bikeability Scotland training, this campaign will help Scotland make progress towards the vision of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020.

“Locally, we are working with councils and schools to deliver led rides and route planning to enable young people to plan their cycle journeys to school and elsewhere, especially as they make more independent journeys from Primary 5 onwards.

“Whether it’s a person on a bike making the journey to school, to work, to the shops or just for fun, we should all give everyone cycle space.”

To find out more about how much space you should give when passing someone on a bike, visit


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