Cycle Friendly Communities

Cycle Friendly Communities


The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund is now closed for 2014!


The purpose of the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund (CFSCF) is to support groups to encourage cycling in their community and to deliver a sustainable cycling project.

Projects will support and deliver an increase in trips by bike. Reducing single occupancy car use and increasing active travel options will result in reduced local transport related carbon emissions and increased health and wellbeing of the community.

To apply to the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund, please complete the downloadable application form below. We advise you to read through the Guidance notes before completing the application form. Guidance notes can also be downloaded below.

The deadline for applications to be submitted was 5pm on Monday 2nd June 2014.

Completed application should be sent to or

Communities Grant Fund

Cycling Scotland

24 Blythswood Square


G2 4BG

A Grants Panel is scheduled for 7th July 2014 with a decision of who will receive funding expected by the week beginning 14th July 2014.


To be eligible for a Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund grant, projects must meet set criteria. Applications will be assessed on their individual merits and scored against this criteria as well as the overall project plan. Maximum scores for each criterion are highlighted below;

  • Promotes behaviour change to encourage modal shift and account for associated carbon emission reductions (10 points available)

The project will engage with the community and enhance opportunities to cycle as a mode of transport for purposeful journeys, reducing single occupancy car use and overall carbon emissions.

The project will record the number of miles motorised vehicular travel is displaced by cycling to result in accurate monitoring of carbon savings. (Travel diary monitoring templates and link to a carbon calculator can be found in the Supporting Services Section at the bottom of this page).

  • Promotes local cycling activity and infrastructure in your community (5 points available)

The project will promote the use of existing infrastructure links to other local initiatives which aim to encourage increased cycle use. There should be a focus on enhancing and building upon skills and resources already present in the community.

  • Delivers a sustainable cycling project that supports the wider community (5 points available)

The project will focus on becoming sustainable and will encourage development beyond the initial funded period. It will recognise existing barriers to access to cycling across the whole community and strive to overcome and eliminate these.

How much will we fund?

It is rare that we will award projects a grant in excess of £5,000.  Please note we cannot fund staff costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers of some common questions about the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund and the grant process.

  • Who can apply for a Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community grant?

The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund (CFSCF) is open to all community-led projects that are working to address the needs of their community in line with the CFSCF criteria. Constituted community groups and organisations are eligible to apply, as are those who are in the process of becoming constituted or who hope to be as a result of funding.

Partners from all sectors are welcome and encouraged to contribute to successful projects. Projects will involve the participation of the local community their planning and running.

  • If we are not yet constituted, how do we begin this process?

Guidance on how to become constituted can be found on the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) website:

  • How much can we apply for?

The maximum amount community groups can apply for is £5,000.

  • How long will funding last for?

We ask that community groups spend their money within 12 months of signing their grant acceptance letter.

  • What is eligible expenditure?

Some items of expenditure are outlined below. This list is not exhaustive;
- purchase of bikes
- purchase of cycle training
- storage for bikes
- safety equipment
- bike tools
- development of cycle maps
- bike events that will contribute to behaviour change and increased bike use

  • What is ineligible expenditure?

- Retrospective costs

- Staff costs

- Political campaigning or activities

- Activities promoting specific religious/other beliefs

- Loan repayments

  • If successful in receiving a CFSCF grant, what will be expected of the community group?

We ask that grand funded community groups complete a 6 month report updating us of your progress towards achieving your aims and delivering your outcomes as well as a final report at the end of your grant funded period summarising your project, identifying your achievements and explaining how you met your aims. We also require you to keep receipts of all items of expenditure and to submit these with your final report.

  • What support and guidance is available for funded groups?

A dedicated Development Officer will be available to offer advice and guidance in all aspects of your project. This can be from the initial planning stage right through to the delivery of the project. Advice can be given on project planning, monitoring and evaluation, budget control and many more areas. For advice on your project, please contact Shona Morris on 01412295444 or

Previously Funded Projects

A total of £68,054.00 was successfully awarded through the 2013/14 Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund, to the following projects.

1. Whiskey Island Wheelers, Islay & Jura Community Enterprises – Argyll and Bute - £3,010

Islay & Jura Community Enterprise (IJCE) is a registered charity and social enterprise company, established in 1989. The aim of IJCE is to provide a wide range of sporting, leisure, educational & social activities to meet the needs of all sectors of Islay and Jura island communities. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Whiskey Island Wheelers, is specifically designed to break down the barriers to cycling participation. The project will encourage all sectors of the community to increase fitness levels, social inclusion and reducing short car journeys by encouraging cycling.

2. Black Isle by Bike, Transition Black Isle – Inverness - £6,094

Transition Black Isle was formed in 2009 and is part of the growing international transition movement which seeks positive local solutions to the problems of peak oil and climate change. Local part time Community Cycle Trainers currently work throughout the Black Isle to promote cycling and increase skills and confidence in on road cycling situations. The Black Isle by Bike project aims to provide bike maintenance training and trail cycling to Transition Black Isle staff and volunteers in the hope that such skills are passed on to other members of the community. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund grant will allow Transition Black Isle to achieve their overall aim which is to increase the cycling skills and confidence of the community and encourage them to choose to make more journeys by bike.

3.  Belles on Bikes, CTC – Edinburgh - £6,450

The national cycling charity, CTC, was established in 1878 as a membership organisation that promotes and protects the rights of cyclists through campaign work. Their Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded  project, Belles on Bikes, will engage with women all over Scotland, in particular communities within Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Falkirk, Perth and Kinross and North Lanarkshire, to establish, run and support cycling activities and clubs for women and/or families.

4.  Bikeability @ 7th Beechwood Scouts, 7th Beechwood Scouts – Stirling - £1,020

7th Beechwood Scouts formed in 1909 and to date consists of 2 Beaver sections, 2 Cub sections and a Scout section. The main aim of the group is to provide Scouting activity for boys and girls aged six to fourteen in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Bikeability @ 7th Beechwood Scouts, will train Scout leaders to provide Bikeability training at levels 1 and 2. This will give more children the confidence to travel by bike on road and overall reduce the reliance on car transportation from parents. Participation in Bikeability @7th Beechwood Scouts will allow the Cubs and Scouts to be awarded with the Cycling Activity Badge.

5.  Auchinleck Academy Cycling, Auchinleck Academy – Ayrshire - £3,900

Auchinleck Academy is situated in the village of Auchinleck with a catchment to the surrounding villages of Mauchline, Catrine, Sorn, Muirkirk, Drongan and Ochiltree. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Auchinleck Academy Cycling, will allow pupils to engage with the safety aspects of cycling and allow them to confidently carry out the checks required to ensure a bike is safe to use. The project will be delivered as part of the broad general education from S1 to S3 with scope to include cycle use into the S4 core curriculum.

6. Seasonal Wheels, Glasgow Bike Station – Glasgow - £6,108

The Bike Station is Glasgow’s largest bicycle recycling organisation that run twice weekly bike maintenance and fix your own bike classes. They also run a Better Way to Work project which focuses on reducing pollution by encouraging a travel behaviour change – from car use to more sustainable means. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Seasonal Wheels, will compliment some of the programmes already running by providing support and encouraging cycling for short journeys and for commuting throughout the year.

7. Beith Can Bike, Beith Community Development Trust – Ayrshire - £5,250

Beith Community Development Trust (BCDT) is a community anchor organisation which is focused on improving the mental and physical fitness and well-being of the community. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Beith Can Bike, will run a ‘Scrap and Swap Scheme’. This will allow community members to swap old bikes that are beyond repair, for refurbished second hand bikes. A ‘Social Cycle’ scheme will also be established whereby cycling focused events and lead cycles will be promoted to encourage more cycling within the community.

8. Saltersgate on Wheels, Saltersgate Special School – Midlothian - £2,359

Saltersgate Special School provides education for Primary and Secondary aged children who have a wide range of moderate to severe additional learning needs. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Saltersgate on Wheels, will provide learning and support for pupils and staff interested in cycling. The project will introduce a lunchtime bike club, offer Cycling National 1 and 2 courses, establish an afterschool staff bike club and provide advice on cycling in the local community.

9. Put your west foot forward, West Lothian Community Health & Care Partnership – West Lothian - £5,388

Put Your West Foot Forward (PYWFF) sits within the West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership and with the support of Paths for All, is funded by the Health Improvement Fund. They provide weekly volunteer led health walks with a particular focus on reducing health inequalities. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project PYWFF, will use a similar model to what has proven successful for walking by providing community and staff led cycle rides. A bike lending library will also be established to ensure rides are accessible to all, in particular homeless units and community groups established in SIMD areas.

10. Go Bike Project, Bridge 8 Hub – Edinburgh - £6,000

Bridge 8 Hub is a social enterprise currently in the process of developing Edinburgh’s first purpose built canal based outdoor activity adventure hub. Bridge 8 Go Bike project has been developed in consultation with local primary schools and community groups. The overall vision of Bridge 8 Hub’s Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Go Bike, is for the creation of a cycling neighbourhood. Go Bike as a community cycling hub aims to promote cycling/ mountain biking in and around the Union Canal, Water of Leith and Pentland Hills and will coordinate a community bike rental scheme.

11. Coatbridge is Cycling; I AM Bikes – North Lanarkshire - £5,800

I AM Bikes was formed as a Charity in October 2012 with an aim to increase the number of people cycling locally and help drive forward a community led initiative based around bikes. I AM Bikes Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities funded project, Coatbridge is Cycling, will encourage family cycling within Coatbridge. They will inspire children to cycle to school and encourage parents to leave cars at home. They will run family cycling awareness days and provide support to the community through delivering cycle training and bike maintenance classes.

12. Safe as Houses Residential Project, Alternatives – West Dunbartonshire - £6,480

Alternatives are a voluntary sector agency that provides intensive support programmes to adults with substance misuse issues within West Dunbartonshire. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Safe as Houses, will encourage and promote the use of bicycles as an alternative to public transport, private car and company vehicle use by opening up access to bikes for service users and staff group. The project will aim to reduce carbon emissions whilst significantly improving the health and wellbeing of the community.

13. Edinburgh Napier Travel Plan, Edinburgh Napier University – Edinburgh - £2,225

Environmental Management at Edinburgh Napier University is governed by the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Group (ESAG). Members of ESAG include staff and students represented by Napier Students’ Association. Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Edinburgh Napier Travel Plan, will be a series of events and opportunities that fit into and enhance the development of the new University Travel Plan, to be published in August 2013.  The project will pull together all aspects of travel to and from all University campuses with a view of supporting staff, students and visitors to consider alternative modes of travel, with a particular focus on cycling.

14. CHANGES Cycle for Health, CHANGES Community Health – East Lothian - £2,305

CHANGES is a local community health project, established in 1996 to promote positive wellbeing and provide opportunities for people in East Lothian to find ways towards healthier and less stressful living. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Changes Cycle for Health, will train volunteers to take community groups on led rides and carry out bicycle maintenance. This will have an overall impact in people’s confidence in cycling and as a result will have an impact on the modal shift in the community.

15. Cycle Friendly Dunbar, Sustaining Dunbar – East Lothian - £2,430

Sustaining Dunbar brings people together to inspire and support new initiatives in the Dunbar and East Linton ward. This helps to create local jobs, cut household fuel bills, increase locally grow food, raise environmental awareness and overall encourages people to spend more time locally. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Cycle Friendly Dunbar, is designed to give local people the confidence to cycle more and cycle further through installing public Bike Hubs, where track pumps will be available to the community for use at any time. They will also provide a bike recovery service where basic bike repair and maintenance will be taught.

16. Cycling Dalgety Bay Bike Festival, Cycling Dalgety Bay – Fife - £235

Cycling Dalgety Bay is a community group set up to promote cycling and its benefits in the Dalgety Bay Area. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Cycling Dalgety Bay Bike Festival, aims to promote and encourage ladies cycling, cycling as an alternative means of transport and to encourage all members of the community to try cycling. Included will be; family attractions, group led cycles, skills development and the sharing of information amongst fellow cyclists of all levels. There will be several post event led rides in the area to keep the momentum and build upon skills and cycle confidence.

17. Cothrom Eile Project,  Mungo Foundation – Glasgow - £3,000

Cothrom Eile is a mixed residential unit for homeless people with addiction issues which opened six years ago. It accommodates ten residents for a minimum period of six to nine months. During their stay, residents will work through a comprehensive programme of group work, activities and one-to-one counselling to help deal with their addiction and accommodation issues. The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Funded project, Cothrom Eile Project, will provide bikes that will allow all the residents to travel to different locations throughout Glasgow as part of their weekly outing which is key to mental and physical health improvements.

Supporting Services

Cycle Ride Leader -  This is a one day course aimed at those who will be leading groups through a variety of rides on pre-planned risk assessed routes within their local area, usually as part of a larger project.  Such programmes are likely to be aimed at adult groups and the emphasis may be on those returning to cycling, those wanting to be more active, a health focus or merely to highlight the range of rides available locally. Click here for more information.

Bike Events Scotland - Scotland’s most comprehensive bike events website, providing a list of every kind of bike event in one place.  Visit to find events local to your group, or to add your own cycle event.

Hall of Fame - Please visit our Community Cycling Project Hall of Fame with information on all the projects we have funded or supported so far under the Community Cycling Innovation Fund, including a selection of helpful case studies to give you ideas and promote shared learning.

Travel Plan Diary - Travel diaries are a great way to monitor how we travel and look at how we can make these trips more sustainable, if needed. Click on this link to download a useful travel diary here

Carbon Calculator - Why not monitor how much carbon you have used on your journey using the following link - carbon calculator

Online Community Mapping

Cycling Scotland teamed up with to create opportunities and resources to support communities to map cycle facilities in their local area.

We offer a half-day Community Mapping Workshop teaching people how to start using openstreetmap to mark routes, trails and facilities in their local area.  To book a space on a workshop contact Shona Morris on

Contact Us

For more information on the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund, please contact us below;

Shona Morris – Development Officer

Christopher Johnson – Lead Development Officer