2015/16 funded projects

The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund 2015/16, the 6th Round of the fund, saw 11 community groups receive grants totaling £42, 175.30. Since 2011, 87 projects have been funded via the Cycling Scotland Grants Fund which accumulates to a total of £569,311.27 distributed to community groups across Scotland to deliver cycling projects. A summary of each of the projects funded in round 6 can be found below.

Get Active Cycling    Nari Kallyan Shangho

Edinburgh          £5,000.00

Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) is a health and welfare organisation working for South Asian women and their families living in Edinburgh.  The vision of the organisation is to improve the quality of life for South Asians and the mission is to provide a common platform for South Asian women to act collectively to raise health and welfare issues of relevance to them.  The core values adopted by NKS are of equality, democracy and participation.

The primary aim of NKS is to alleviate deprivation and isolation experienced by South Asian women and their families living in Edinburgh and to promote positive health and well-being among them.  The Get Active Cycling Project was developed with a purpose of empowering women and their families. ‘Get Active Get Cycling’ will increase cycling as a mode of transport for short journeys taken up by women in their day to life and reduce car occupancy.  The project will increase local women’s access to bikes, provide basic bike maintenance skills to women, encourage women to take part in a Bike Challenge and will deliver a cycling festival.

Al-Meezan Cycling Group           Al-Meezan Ltd

Glasgow             £5,000.00

Originally established in 1998 by a small team of dedicated women, today Al-Meezan provides Islamic education to over 600 women, teenagers and children from a predominantly ethnic minority background in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. The main objective was to establish a permanent Islamic learning centre to meet the spiritual education needs of women and children from the Muslim community. Al-Meezan became a charity and a limited company in 2003 and purchased its own premises in 2005.

The project will encourage cycling in the community by introducing and exciting families to participate in it as a social activity. The overall project aim will be to engage with the community and enhance opportunities to cycle as a mode of transport for purposeful journeys, reducing single car occupancy and overall carbon emissions.

This will be done through; building volunteer bases of trained instructors and ride leaders and forming cycling groups of varying ages and holding regular led rides. They will focus on enhancing cycling skills and resources, coordination and running of the project,    providing free cycling lessons and providing cycling specific information sessions.

Dalkeith Community Bike Project             Dalkeith High School

Midlothian         £1,960.00

Dalkeith has been a community school since 2005, during which time the schools extensive sports centre has been open to the public as part of their community programme. A whole host of sports sessions and classes are arranged through the centre, making it a hub of activity in Dalkeith.

The cycling project will increase numbers cycling to Dalkeith High School. It is hoped that by encouraging more pupils to cycle to school they will reduce the number of cars and tackle some of the parking issues at the school.  They will promote cycling as a viable travel option to all centre users.

Trained staff members will run an after-school extra-curricular cycle club which will be offered to pupils, staff and local community.  It is also hoped the cycling will be included as part of the PE syllabus.

Put Your West Foot Forward Cycling Initiative     West Lothian Community Health & Care Partnership

West Lothian     £5,000.00

Put Your West Foot Forward (PYWFF) sits within the West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership and with the support of Paths for All, is funded by the Health Improvement Fund to provide weekly volunteer led health walks with a particular focus on reducing health inequalities by supporting inactive people to become more active. The project has been running successfully for 10 years and has in excess of 40 active volunteers leading health walks for either groups or on a one to one basis. The walking programme is successfully targeting inactive individuals and mapping has shown that areas of deprivation are being reached. Following a previous CFSCF award they have expanded the project to include volunteers delivering led cycle rides, Bikeability training, 5 bike lending libraries and all ability cycle sessions.

PYWFF is part of a larger project, West Lothian on the Move, which aims to encourage inactive individuals to incorporate physical activity in their daily lives. The project is placed within the Health Improvement Team, who use a multi-agency, multidisciplinary approach to reduce health inequalities in West Lothian.

They previously used a similar model to what has proven successful for walking to provide community led cycle rides. They also provided bike lending libraries in 5 areas to ensure rides are accessible to all, working closely with homeless units and community groups established in SIMD areas to ensure bikes are accessible to their service users. Particular areas of focus will be; Stoneyburn, Whitburn and West Lothian Connected –All Ability Hub.

Cycle Participation Development              Ride 63 CCC

Renfrewshire, Inverclyde & North Ayrshire               £1,200.00

The Ride 63 Cycling Club was established to generate more interest in cycling within the area of Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park which covers areas of Inverclyde, Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire. The club was established to cater for every type of rider, road/ mountain bike/ commuter/ bmx/ hand cycle and trike riders within the membership. They run regular Thursday rides with various types of riders, all meeting up then going off to do their own discipline, gathering again en-mass after to catch up and share ideas.

In connection with Inverclyde council, they will help set up a branch of the group to develop junior and adult cycling opportunities making use of Inverclyde facilities and help with promotion. The Cycle Participation Development project well help to; increase participation in mainstream road and mountain bike cycling in all across the area, raise the profile of Para Cycling and get more people with a disability out riding and help to deliver events and club activity to increase member numbers and provide basic training to ride leaders.

No Limits Cycling             Live Active Leisure Centre

Perth and Kinross            £4,280.00

Working with local stakeholders Live Active Leisure have established an All Ability Cycling steering group to coordinate the planning and delivery of a vision for accessible cycling for people with additional needs in Perth. This group was created following a successful pilot delivered by NHS Tayside which showed the significant wellbeing impact of cycling for adults with a learning disability. It was also informed by activities of the P&K Disability Sport and Active Recreation network that over a number of years have increased the provision and improved coordination of opportunities or activity for people with a disability.

Lead partners are Live Active Leisure, NHS Tayside, FABB (Blazing Saddles) supported by a network representing PKC Housing and Community Care, Education and Children’s services, local people with additional needs, Perth and Kinross Disability Sport.

Live Active Leisure (LAL) operates leisure facilities and classes in Perth and Kinross. It offers activities for everyone whether old or young, more able or less able. It runs a specific programme of activities for people with disabilities and special needs called No Limits. This involves running regular sessions offering different sports; special events and activities; and working with existing providers to enable people with disabilities to take part. The project will offer groups of people with disabilities and special needs the chance to try out bikes suitable for them and open them up to the benefits of cycling.

Social Rides        Glasgow Bike Station

Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire       £4,918.30

The Bike Station is Glasgow’s largest bicycle recycling organisation, having recycled and refurbished approximately 12,000 bikes since it opened in 2010, diverting them from landfill in the process. Many of these reconditioned bikes are found back on the road, with new or returning cyclists, and the proceeds of sale being invested in the promotion of cycling in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Other activities at the Bike Station include monthly bicycle maintenance classes and Fix Your Own Bike classes twice weekly which allow people to learn more about how they can maintain their own bike.

The ‘Social Rides’ project will provide regular, varied rides for different groups of people. Observations from previous the Better Way to Work project and the Bike Station’s customers have found the reason many people don’t go on social rides is because they don’t have access to groups of similar ability, lack maintenance knowledge or know appropriate routes for their ability and are discouraged by sporty and competitive cycle groups.

As part of this project, The Bike Station will offer free social rides and starter packs of equipment for participants. The equipment will overcome one of the barriers to cycling without a cost to the participant.  For those without a bike, The Bike Station will hire one free of charge for the purpose of the ‘Social Ride’. Targeted groups will be ‘Older People’, ‘Families’, ‘Ladies’, ‘Gents’ and ‘Young People’. Rides will take place twice a month for each group between May and October. The rides will be easy, with the emphasis on sociability and inclusiveness.

Workplace Challenge Connects Communities to Greener, Cleaner Environments Communities along the Carron Association

Falkirk           £470.00

Communities along the Carron Association [CATCA] is a group of local volunteers committed to the regeneration of the River Carron, its communities and adjacent land. CATCA optimises the mutual benefit of working in formal and informal partnerships with councils, agencies, other groups, stakeholders and funders toward realising its aims.

Through the CATCA CREATES project, the Project Coordinator will work with the local Sustrans I Bike officer to encourage local businesses in Larbert to sign up to the Workplace Challenge. The Workplace Challenge encourages businesses and their employees to replace car trips with a sustainable alterna6ve when travelling to work. CATCA hopes to create a sense of competition between businesses and see who can replace the largest distance of car miles with cycle/walk miles.

The project will also help to deliver Active Travel maps and leaflets to local businesses, schools and in the community, which will help people to see clearly where the local cycle network can take them, and feel informed to access them for a variety of purposes.

West Glasgow Pedallers- We Go Pedal!  Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust (DRCET)

Glasgow              £4,900.00

DRCET is a local environmental charity which was established in 2004, established to deliver a wide range of environmental projects and services across the West of Glasgow and beyond. Many of these activities are delivered in partnership with a wide range of organisations. West GlasGow Pedallers – We Go Pedal! – is a partnership between DRCET, LINKES and Whiteinch Bike Club.

DRCET’s vision is of vibrant, thriving and resilient communities where people are inspired and empowered to get active, get involved and make a difference for their communities, future generations and the planet.

The project will build on the existing cycling-related activity currently undertaken by the partners. It will make best use of existing cycling activity and infrastructure available in West Glasgow in order to; encourage people of all ages and abilities to start cycling or cycle more in their community, promote cycling as an active, alternative and complimentary means of travel to existing means of travel and provide learning and development opportunities for people in west Glasgow including improving cycling skills, cycle maintenance skills, health and wellbeing and confidence.

Cycling For Women – Empowering Environmental awareness in the community  TELUGU Association for Scotland

Edinburgh           £4,733.00

Telugu Association of Scotland (TAS) is a registered Charity, established in 2001 with a large community of people who speak Telugu language in Scotland have emigrated mainly from the Southern states of India, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Their main objective is to promote Telugu culture in Scotland and integrate with local communities in the form of Communal activities, participation in sports and raising well-being awareness. They conduct various events and sports activities throughout the year and especially celebrate UGADI (Telugu New Year) and DEEPAVALI (Festival of Lights) every year with a cultural program to keep the culture alive.  T

The Cycling for Women project will promote and encourage; health benefits, fitness & well-being of community, increase in number of people cycling for their travel instead of car & awareness in families to reduce carbon emissions by opting reduced local transport and women training their children to ride a bike and teaching them about road safety & traffic regulations thus creating a sustainable project.

Gallatown Bike Hub- Power Ti Yer Pedals              Gallatown Gala and Community Group

Fife               £4,714.00

The Gallatown Gala and Community Group is made up of of 9 committee members and a number of local people and volunteers based in the Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy in Fife. The Gallatown is the most deprived community in Fife and in the top 2% most deprived areas in Scotland (SIMD). The group has been running informally for around 4 years and became a constituted community group just under a year ago. The aim of the group is to promote and develop a range of cultural, educational, social and learning opportunities for the benefit of local people; to increase provision of recreation and other leisure opportunities and improve the quality of life for all people who participate in the group’s activities and to provide, maintain or improve access to the local environment.

The aim of this project is to get more people out cycling in the area, both for fun/recreation and for purposeful journeys, to think about how they can change their habits, leave the car and cycle to do their shopping using bikes. They will develop a bike club and co­op and increase participation by improving the access to bikes in the local area, as well as tools and skills. They will also develop a regular programme of activities which includes bike repairs, guided / led rides, bike skills development (including Bikeability) training and fun.