Cycle Friendly Community Award

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Community groups can now apply here to begin working towards the Cycle Friendly Community Award.

Following the success of our Cycle Friendly Schools and Employer Awards (and now the introduction of  a Campus Award), the Cycle Friendly Community Award is aimed at encouraging and supporting communities across Scotland to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle locally.

You can find out more by downloading the Cycle Friendly Community Award Handbook or by speaking to Development Officer Shona Morris or 0141 229 5446.

What will a Cycle Friendly Community look like?

Working towards achieving the Cycle Friendly Community Award will help you create an environment that supports people of all ages and abilities to travel by bicycle. Achieving elements of the award criteria will determine if your community will receive the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

A recognised Cycle Friendly Community may offer cycle parking, bike hire or bike loan schemes, cycle training and a range of information on local cycle networks. It will have defined cycle routes and infrastructure linking popular locations. Local businesses should support and encourage an increased cycling culture.

One main constituted and well governed community group will take a lead on the attainment of the Award.

The Cycle Friendly Community Award will ultimately recognise communities that promote cycling as an accessible, attractive and convenient travel choice for all.

How can my community become cycle friendly?

Start by getting a feel for cycling in your community. Consider cycle parking available, opportunities to hire or buy affordable or discounted bikes, cycling clubs or cycle training. Think about nearby events where cycling is encouraged. Do local businesses support a cycling culture? Discuss with others in the community what they think would improve cycling in your local area. There might already be a cycling forum or a member of the community who has a role in supporting cycling and active travel.

Tell us about what’s happening in your community and share ideas on what might be done to increase local cycling activity by completing the Cycle Friendly Community Award Survey.

Cycling Scotland will offer support and advice to your community organisation to help you create a development plan and kick start the journey towards receiving the Cycle Friendly Community Award.

Development grants

You can apply for development grants of up to £20,000 via a formal application process, or a Cycling Scotland development officer can recommend you for one (depending on available funds) following step 2 above. You should use development grants to help you achieve the criteria we have prioritised, which in turn will help you achieve the Cycle Friendly Community Award.

Development grants will support and enable delivery of initiatives and projects that will lead to more communities receiving the Cycle Friendly Community Award.

To apply for a development grant, you are required to complete a self-assessment form as well as an application form – both of which can be downloaded below.

CFCA Self Assessment

CFCA Development Grant Application Form

CFCA Development Grant Guidance Notes

The full Development Grant process is outlined below:

STEP 1: Self-assessment
Community group should complete a self-assessment form along with their Development Grant application form and submit to Cycling Scotland for review.

STEP 2: Field assessment
A Cycling Scotland Development Officer will visit your community and carry out a field assessment. This will follow a more in depth assessment (using the same criteria set as the self-assessment).

STEP 3: Panel decision
Following the field assessment, the Development Officer will provide comments and recommendations which will be discussed with you and then attached onto your Development Grant application.  The Grants Panel will receive your application and any additional comments or recommendations and a decision will be made within four weeks.

Closing date for Development Grant applications is noon on Tuesday 3 May 2016.