Cycle Friendly Community Award

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The Cycle Friendly Community Award (CFCA) is aimed at encouraging and supporting communities across Scotland to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle locally.

Who can apply?

The CFCA is a nationally recognised award for communities across Scotland, aimed at supporting and championing communities across Scotland working to embed cycling within the local area. Constituted community groups and organisations are eligible to apply, as are those who are in the process of becoming constituted.

The Award

Criteria is grouped into 3 themes; Plan and Strategy, Governance and Delivery. Each of the criteria is further broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, which are detailed in the handbook linked below.

To either be awarded a CFCA, or to identify areas for development and apply to receive support, the following process must be followed:

Step 1: Self-Assessment – Complete a self-assessment form and submit to Cycling Scotland for review (support is available).

Step 2: Field Assessment – If appropriate, a Cycling Scotland Development Officer will visit your community and carry out a field assessment.

Step 3: Award/Action Plan – Following the field assessment, you will be informed that either you have achieved the award (and the level you have achieved), or that you have not achieved the award yet but will receive an action plan detailing key areas of focus. At this stage you may look to apply for the Development Grant.

Step 4: Reassessment – Following implementation of the action plan, this follow up assessment will determine whether you have achieved an award level

Development grants

Development grants of up to £20,000 are available to support fulfilment of any criteria prioritised through assessment, which in turn will help you achieve the Cycle Friendly Community Award.

Next application date

The fund is currently closed – however, support can currently be provided to projects using the contact details below.

Support and guidance

You can find out more by downloading the Cycle Friendly Community Award Handbook

We strongly advise contacting Cycling Scotland at an early stage if you are interested in applying to the CFCA. A dedicated Development Officer will be available to offer advice and guidance in all aspects of your project and support with preparation for the self-assessment – please contact Pete Mills on 0141 229 5358 or