The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund

The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund 2016 has now closed.

Download the guidance notes and application form.

Communities can apply for grants of up to £5,000 to deliver local cycling projects. The purpose of the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund (CFSCF) is to support groups to encourage cycling in their community and to deliver a sustainable cycling project that will encourage more people to travel by bike.

This Transport Scotland funded grant scheme enables community groups to support and deliver projects with an overall aim to increase the number of local journeys by bike. Reducing single occupancy car use and increasing active travel options will result in reduced local transport related carbon emissions and increased health and wellbeing of the community.

The Criteria

To be eligible for a Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund grant, projects must meet set criteria. Applications will be assessed on their individual merits and scored against this criteria as well as the overall project plan. Maximum scores for each criterion are highlighted below.

Encourage more journeys by bike in your community (10 points available)

Your project will encourage more everyday journeys to be made by bike locally. This can consist of activities such as journey planning and raising awareness of the benefits to cycling.

Increase opportunities for people to cycle in your community (5 points available)

The project will increase the opportunity to cycle locally through provision of training, skills development, events and access to cycling equipment.

Meet the needs of the community (5 points available)

The project will meet the needs of the community by delivering activities they highlight as a need and a priority. The needs of the community can be determined via consultations and surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community grant?

The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund (CFSCF) is open to all community-led projects that are working to address the needs of their community in line with the CFSCF criteria. Constituted community groups and organisations are eligible to apply, as are those who are in the process of becoming constituted or who hope to be as a result of funding.

Partners from all sectors are welcome and encouraged to contribute to successful projects. Projects will involve the participation of the local community their planning and running. *After school community based groups can apply for funding however Schools cannot directly apply for funding.

Groups and organisations that have previously secured funding through the Community Cycling Innovation Fund, Cycle Friendly Communities Fund and Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund can only apply for funding for a new project with new aims and outcomes.

Projects currently funded through the Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Communities Fund and Cycle Friendly Community Award Development Grants will be ineligible for funding before the completion of their current CFSCF grant-funded project.

If we are not yet constituted, how do we begin this process?

Guidance on how to become constituted can be found on the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) website.

How much can we apply for?

The maximum amount community groups can apply for is £5,000.

How long will funding last for?

We ask that community groups spend their money within 12 months of signing their grant acceptance letter.

What is eligible expenditure?

Some items of expenditure are outlined below. This list is not exhaustive;

– purchase of bikes

– purchase of cycle training

– storage for bikes

– safety equipment

– bike tools

– development of cycle maps

– bike events that will contribute to behaviour change and increased bike use

What is ineligible expenditure?

– Retrospective costs

– Staff costs

– Political campaigning or activities

– Activities promoting specific religious/other beliefs

– Loan repayments

If successful in receiving a CFSCF grant, what will be expected of the community group?

We ask that grand funded community groups complete a 6 month report updating us of your progress towards achieving your aims and delivering your outcomes as well as a final report at the end of your grant funded period summarising your project, identifying your achievements and explaining how you met your aims. We also require you to keep receipts of all items of expenditure and to submit these with your final report.

What support and guidance is available for funded groups?

A dedicated Development Officer will be available to offer advice and guidance in all aspects of your project. This can be from the initial planning stage right through to the delivery of the project. Advice can be given on project planning, monitoring and evaluation, budget control and many more areas. For advice on your project, please contact Shona Morris on 0141 229 5446 or

The closing date for applications is noon, Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

Download guidance notes and application form.