Scottish Access Technical Information Network

Key stakeholders in Scotland have set up a technical advisory group for those designing and implementing infrastructure for outdoor access and active travel networks. The group is called SATIN, the Scottish Access Technical Information Network, and will act as a single mechanism to exchange good practice and to store, disseminate and share information amongst those delivering outdoor access and active travel infrastructure in Scotland.

The first action of the SATIN working group was to create a web-based resource to allow the mechanism for this dissemination of information, and this be supported by other measures such as meetings, seminars and events. The website was launched in October 2011 so please click the link to explore all the information.

Further information will be added in the coming months but SATIN requires the users to aid others by adding information about the technical aspects of their projects to allow others within the community to learn and implement.

The development of the group in 2009 comes as a result of key actions from the consultative draft of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, which called for organisations to promote the effectiveness of cycle infrastructure at junctions, promote off-road cycle routes to link specific destinations and community resources, promote relevant guidance documents on path planning and provide continuing professional development for anyone dealing with cycle provision.

SATIN is part of Cycling Scotland’s Information and Guidance Programme and is delivered in partnership with Paths for All, Sustrans, SNH, Forestry Commission Scotland, Falkirk Council (SOAN) and a wide range of regional and local stakeholder groups.