Give Everyone Cycle Space


What is Give Everyone Cycle Space?

Give Everyone Cycle Space Cycling Scotland’s road safety awareness campaign designed to remind anyone driving how much space they should give people on bikes when overtaking – at least as much space as they would give a car. It aims to create high levels of driver awareness around people on bikes to make Scotland’s roads more cycle friendly.

How does the campaign work?

The campaign works on a national and local level.

At a national level, the Give Everyone Cycle Space message will be visible on buses, billboards, online, on the radio and on television.

Who are we talking to?

The campaign is aimed at people driving. We are asking them to be considerate of people on bikes and give them plenty of road space when overtaking. We are also talking to those who cycle. We want people who travel by bike to see the activities in action and be reassured that the roads around them are more cycle friendly. We hope more people will cycle as a result.

How much space should give someone on a bike when overtaking?