Give Me Cycle Space

Give Me Cycle Space

What is Give Me Cycle Space?

Give Me Cycle Space is a Cycling Scotland campaign to encourage more children to cycle to school. It aims to create high levels of driver awareness around child cyclists to make the roads around schools more cycle-friendly.

How does the campaign work?

Research shows that although over 30% of children say they want to cycle to school, only around 3% actually do. The main barrier is that parents often don’t allow their children to cycle to school because they are concerned about them cycling on-road.

We hope to make parents feel more comfortable about children cycling on-road by creating high levels of awareness amongst drivers about children cycling to school, and directly asking drivers to give children as much space as possible on the roads.

Who are we talking to?

The campaign is aimed at:

Drivers – we are asking drivers passing primary schools to be considerate of child cyclists and give them plenty of road space when overtaking.

Parents – we want parents to see this activity and be reassured that the roads around their child’s school are more cycle-friendly.

Children – we want more children to start cycling to school as a result.

The campaign

The campaign uses a mixture of advertising and in-school activity to encourage children to cycle to school more often.

The campaign materials all feature the Give Me Cycle Space message, and feature images of children in school uniform on bikes with outstretched arms to indicate that they need room to cycle safely.

The campaign speaks to drivers by using roadside media such as billboards, bus shelter poster sites and lamp post banners, radio advertising at key school drop-off/pick-up times and is be supported by advertising on TV.

Parents will see that their child’s school is participating in the campaign as a result of banners and flags at the school gates, press advertorials and direct mail.

To ensure children are excited about cycling to school, we send cycle stunt team The Riderz to visit schools in each participating area, to demonstrate that cycling is a cool and fun thing to do. In 2012, The Riderz tour was nominated for Best Educational Event at the UK Event Awards.


The campaign has been piloted in several local authority areas, and has proven to be very effective in changing the attitudes of parents and drivers. The results of last year’s campaign showed that:

85.5% of people said the campaign made them slow down when driving near schools

87% of people said the campaign made them more aware of children cycling to school

88% of people said the campaign made them give kids more space

58% of people said the campaign made them feel more confident about letting their children cycle to school

The campaign has also shown great results in encouraging more children to cycle, with levels of cycling increasing by 22% across the participating schools in the primary 5 to 7 age group.